Welcome to the STEMMUS!

STEMMUS stands for Simultaneous Transfer of Energy, Momentum and Mass in Unsaturated Soil, which is a 1D numerical solver (finite element) for the coupled flow of liquid, vapor, heat and dry air in the soil. It has following features:

  • Dominant vertical interactions between soil and atmosphere;
  • The soil moisture and heat transport were coupled considering vapor flow;
  • The vapor transport was considered as part of the gaseous phase flow in the soil;
  • The dry air was regarded as an independent component of the gaseous phase;
  • The diffusion, advection and dispersion mechanisms were considered for vapor and dry air flow;
  • The thermal equilibrium assumption between phases was adopted and the internal energy for each phase (liquid, vapor and dry air) was taken into account in the energy balance equation.

This website will introduce:

  1. Physics considered in STEMMUS model
  2. How to run STEMMUS model
  3. Case Studies
  4. Planned Further Developments.