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Liquid-Vapor-Air Flow in the Frozen Soil

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Accurate representing freeze-thaw (FT) process is of great importance in cold region hydrology and climate studies. With the STEMMUS-FT model (Simultaneous Transfer of Energy, Mass and Momentum in Unsaturated Soil), we investigated the coupled water and heat transfer in the… Read more

Case Study 1: The effect of different evapotranspiration methods on portraying soil water dynamics and ET partitioning in a semi-arid environment in Northwest China Different methods for assessing evapotranspiration (ET) can significantly affect the performance of land surface models… Read more

Module development

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The STEMMUS was designed as such that different modules can be “plug-in” easily. Currently, the freezing-thawing module is under development. The further development will be carried out to include biogeochemical cycle, and interactions with groundwater flow. Figure… Read more