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On 22nd of November 2014 NL4Talents event took place at The Hague. Have you been or have heard about this event? In case you didn’t, I can tell you about my experience at the third edition and if it sounds good, you can try it next year 🙂

Keep in touch with the dutch

First of all, NL4talents is a career forum for international students. There are talented international students which have the opportunity to get informed about the next career steps and several ways to stay connected to the Netherlands after their studies.

Keep in touch with the dutch 2

To be able to participate you can either be nominated by the Dutch higher education institution or ask yourself to get nominated. Being at University Of Twente you have to e-mail your Faculty Coordinator.

So, what can you do there? In general, there are 2 workshops and one case study with companies on different domains. Some examples of workshops are: “Career planning”, “The key to a successful PhD proposal”, “The Circle of Coherence: how to create vital space and energy in your network”. I participate at “How to apply for a job in the Netherlands” and “Super You”. At the first one they presented what companies expect from your CV, how you should prepare for an interview and what matter for them more: experience or qualifications. At the “Super you” workshop we discussed about the fact that you should know what you want, what you are good at and what is your talent. Find the entire program of the third edition here.

The day closed with “Snacks and Drinks”, which represets an opportunity to make connections. Don’t be shy, everyone is looking forward to meeting new people.

NL4talents is a great place for networking, for meeting people who have the same passion, who can help you maybe someday to find a job.

keep in touch with the dutch 3

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You won’t be alone, at the third edition I met around 10 Romanians. So don’t miss the event, if you are interested! 🙂


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