openLISEM README (130517)
LATEST CHANGES (v 1.70-1.71)
– BUG fix: small bug in interception that has been there for a long time!
– Solution for 2nd order, works now!
– map display shows meters on x and y axes insted of rows/cols
– moved rainfall display to the right of the graph is there is no erosion

LATEST CHANGES (v 1.67-1.69)
– improved channel and flood water mixing
– improved display, houses now also visible
– map can be switched after run has stopped
known issues: flood SWOF order 2 not working

LATEST CHANGES (v 1.61-1.67)
– Added flooding code from the fullSWOF2D project (Univ Orleans,
– Added a flood mass balance error spreading over flood area to keep mass balance below 0.1 percent
– Runoff continues partly in flooded area with large flow resistsance
– Restyled infiltration code to adapt to flooding
– Changed gras strip infiltration to simpler change of effective Ksat to work with flooding
– Added simple drainage function (soilwater) decrease when bottom layer is not impermebale, thetai is adapted
– TODO: fullswof 2nd order doesn’t work yet

LATEST CHANGES (v 1.60-1.61)
– Tuned flooding, mass balance error down to a few percent

LATEST CHANGES (v 1.57-1.60)
– Added FLOODING!!! Still in beta stage but seems to work for shallow floods from channel system.
– Added better map display with roads and channels
ToDo: mass balance with flooding not correct

LATEST CHANGES (v 1.55-1.56)
– Added shaded relief for map display (needs
– Added a small hydrograph plot next to the map display
– Added multiple screenshots (every timestep) to make a movie
– Fixed a long standing bug crshing lisem at the end of a run (hopefully)

LATEST CHANGES (v 1.39-1.54)
– Can now read rainfall and snowmelt maps (maps should have flux in mm/h)
– added map display
– added land use map for stats output per land use type
– many small bug fixes (such as sobek output)

– Bug fixes in Swatre, introduced in previous version, crash when profile becomes sturated

– Bug fix kinetic energy time based, in hours instead of seconds, factor 1/3600

LATEST CHANGES (v 1.35-1.36)
-SWATRE  include water repellency
РBug fix  saturation bug in SWATRE, NaN when profile is saturated

– Fixed bug in output of erosion units, kg/m2 = kg/cell and vice versa, ton/ha ok

Changes (v 1.33)
– fixed bugs buffer operation, wrong reporting of buffer in mass balance
– sedimentation in buffer works correctly now
– interface refining
– compiled with QT 4.7.3

Changes (v 1.28-1.32)
– EXPERIMENTAL epellency as a special case fo crusting. Works for Swatre only.

Changes (v 1.27)
– fixed bugs in tiledrain part
– added tiledrain flux to output map series
– cleaned up SWATRE infil

Changes (v 1.26)
– recompiled with 4.7.3 version of Qt
– fixed a bug that reported averages and totals (last version was affected)
– added calibration factors for theta and psi
– added kinetic energy equations for rainfall splash
– changes to te interface and small bug fixes

Changes (v 1.00 -1.25)
– starting development and porting LISEM from Borland builder CPP