Tufte’s honorary doctors degree at the University of Twente

The University of Twente awarded an honorary doctorate to Edward Tufte, on the occasion of the 55th Dies Natalis of the university, November 25 2017. Menno-Jan Kraak acted as honorary promotor.

Edward Tufte has been an inspiring example for many active in information visualization, data visualization and geovisualization, and has stimulated cartographers and others to re-think design. In making his point Tufte is often using ’classic’ graphics and maps such as John Snow’s cholera outbreak map, and Charles Joseph Minard’s Carte Figurative (Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812). Tufte’s comments on Minard’s map challenged Menno-Jan Kraak, the honorary promotor, to write a book on mapping time using Minard’s map as a common thread throughout the book.

Tufte’s career not only inspired geodata visualizers at ITC, but also impersonates developments among the public administration scientists of BMS. This reflects the interests of both Faculties: High Tech (data analytics and visualization)and Human Touch (informed public decision-making).

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