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Welcome to my internet home. Here you find information related to my professional life at the Faculty of Geoinformation Sciences and Earth Observation. Besides information on my research interests and educational activities you will find blog items on my travels and running as well as my activities as President of the International Cartographic Association.


New publication

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The forth edition of our textbook ‘Cartography visualization of geospatial‘ has been published by CRC Press. The history of our book is depicted in the schema below. . Read more


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Running 10 miles is not new. Usually the race end at 16.1km. However, the vuurtorenloop / lighthouse run on Vlieland ends only after 18.5 km. Instead of land miles they use sea miles.  These are longer!. Read more

Maastrichts mooiste

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Last March I participated in the most northern 10 miles running event in. the Netherlands. In June I did the most southern race, Maastricht Mooiste.  The conditions were severe. Coming from flatland we had to cross the St. Pietersberg (St. Pieters mountain / yes… Read more

Monninkenloop 2018

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End of March a family tradition: the annual 10 miles race at the Island of Schiermonnikoog. Three days before my sixtieth birthday I managed to keep my average speed below 5:00 / km (or for those calculating the other way around just above the 12km/h). Read more

Orienteering in Estonia

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During ESTGIS an special orienteering event was organized. For orienteers the shortest path between two point is a line as straight as possible/   The orienteering map was composed from different Estonian map products and the race was held at seven in the… Read more

Running across the Cold War spybridge

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A 11 km historical run in Potsdam, along the Havel River, palaces in Babelsberg, and over the Glienicker Brücke where spies where exchanged during the Cold War, and in John le Carré’s novels. Read more

My northern most location

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This summer I crossed the polar circle for the first time and traveled onwards to the Nordkapp in Norway. Of course we did visit the ‘touristic’ Nordkapp where you find the monuments, musea and souvenirs. But the real Nordkapp can only be reached after a… Read more

New York

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Running in the Central Park, New York is always a great adventure. You never run alone. The map show three runs, each about 10km. Read more