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Could you win the Dutch Data Prize 2014?



The Dutch Data Prize 2014 will be awarded this autumn. It is a prize for a researcher or research group who contribute more to science by making research data for additional or new research accessible. Nominations are open now.

Please check the criteria.

Do you want to compete for the Data Prize, or do you know a researcher or research group you would like to nominate? Send in your nominations before 1 July 2014 using the application form.



Research Data Netherlands is online.

Research Data Netherlands, the cooperation between 3TU.Datacentrum and DANS, has been launched online on 1 April on www.researchdata.nlĀ 

Coalition of data archives

Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) is a national coalition of data archives and strives to promote sustainable archiving and reuse of research data. The coalition was founded in 2013 by 3TU.Datacentrum and DANS. A powerful back office, able to efficiently serve the questions from the work field, is formed by joining the knowledge, skills and goals of the Research Data Netherlands partners.

Front Office:

The so-called front offices (e.g. university libraries) will be able to support researchers by filing their research data in one of the archives. This means that the data are accessible for a long time, as well as available for reuse. Universities and, amongst others, suppliers of the technical infrastructure profit from a national centre of expertise that is available through one central point.

Quality Mark

The data archives affiliated with Research Data Netherlands have to have at least one quality mark, for example a Data Seal of Approval. These quality standards emphasize the core value of the shared mission of the participating parties and the coalition: promoting sustainable archiving and reuse of research data.

More information:

For more information about research data and the UT research data policy you can contact one of the information specialists, or the UT datalibrarian Maarten van Bentum