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Multilocation learning experience

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Since a year or so I am interested in the subject of what is referred to as “Learning spaces”. I am right now involved in a project (initiated by 4TU CEE and Designlab) whereby we are experimenting with different setups of lecture rooms on our campus. We are trying to find out how students experience these setups. Those setups are quite low tech by the way, but still there is already lot's to learn from that. But I am also interested on the newest technology, as you might know. And I am always interested in what other universities are doing with this subject of Learning spaces.

On 13 June I experienced the new virtual classroom of the KU Leuven during a study visit. The study visit was organized by SURF. Around 20 people of us physically traveled to Belgium, and also around 20 people were virtual visitors, just like me. It was an interesting experience! Please read on if you’d like to know my experience and my thoughts. Read more

Minder tekenonderwijs? De opkomst van geavanceerde visualisatiemiddelen en software voor 3d-modelleren doet vermoeden dat handmatig schetsen steeds onbelangrijker wordt voor de hedendaagse productontwikkeling. Toch is het tegengestelde waar. Minder tekenonderwijs is dus geen optie. Handmatig schetsen is nog steeds van groot belang voor de ontwerper… Read more

Join our pilot interactive video!

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We can all understand that watching an instructional video (even if it is a short one) is quite passive. This might not lead to the best possible learning result for a student. But there’s is solution for actively engaging students with a video. This can be done with what is called interactive video. Read more

Twee aardige artikelen over meeliftgedrag. 1) Het eerste artikel behelst een theoretische analyse van meelift(ers)gedrag en presenteert een kleinschalig onderzoek onder studenten van een universiteit. Een belangrijk aandachtspunt bij de constatering van ‘meeliften’: nagaan wat de achterliggende reden is van bepaald gedrag! En nagaan hoe de groep als team functioneert?… Read more