What are excellent teachers?

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Not anyone can be, or wants to be, an excellent teacher. But some of the researchers at our university do. And they are continuously working on their own professional development, for example by implementing new working methods and assessment methods and reflecting on their own performance.

I’m based in the faculty EEMCS. This faculty wants to stimulate and support teachers to pursue professionalization. Teachers, regardless of UFO profile, can become an excellent teacher. They are being encouraged to continue to develop their skills to become excellent teachers. EEMCS is working on increased recognition and appreciation of education performance. The underlying principle is that this will be beneficial to the job satisfaction of the teacher, as well offering a powerful positive boost to the quality of the EEMCS education.

Parts of the plan are the continued development of education expertise (in accordance with the principles of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)) and communicating and influencing other teachers, the establishment of a network of excellent teachers and the assignment of a reward system to these initiatives. The ideas about how to achieve this can be found on the ETP (excellent teacher practitioner) website.


One way to communicate and to influence colleagues is presenting and discussing the own experiences with educational innovations in Educational Seminars (started in 2010 by Hans Romkema). Teachers who presented in the last eight seminars have recently been interviewed. The interviews are published in an ETP special ‘Tribute to the excellent teacher’ produced by U Today. Please, take the time to read this special Special and get inspired!