Msc Graduation 2015

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In the first week of March about 130 MSc students graduated from different ITC courses. On behalf of all ITC alumni we congratulate everyone and welcome them to the ITC alumni community.

As a new ITC alumnus a world will open for you and you will find fellow ITC alumni all over the world who can help you to get started after 18 months

18 Months of Classes, Assignments, ExamsFoto 12-03-15 11 21 05

18 Months of Walking from Hotel to Here

18 Months of Adjusting to the Cold, Wet, Sunny Climate

18 Months of Sharing Everything with your Classmates

18 Months of Going to the Open Market

18 Months of End of Module Parties

18 Months of Hassling the Ladies of Booz

18 Months of Fish on Fridays’ Menu

18 Months of Coffeebreaks with ITC Friends


•Returning home
•Returning to your family
•Back at the office
•Back to real life
•The ITC life fades away until it’s just a cherished memory

To help you remember the ITC moments the alumni office handed out a small present what you can use anytime, any place somewhere in the world. It stands for the ITC memories you share with your fellow classmates, it stands for the coffee moments you had with friends, lecturers or anyone during your time spend at ITC

Hopefully we will welcome you back one day, till then I salute you!

Foto 12-03-15 09 34 08


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