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Job description

International intern at Esri under the Technical Marketing department team for the Disaster Response Program (DRP).


On a daily basis my tasks are very dynamic and changeable. My main focus is to develop a portfolio of the UAV/drone applications for Esri.
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Project work

My main assignment is to develop a portfolio of all the applications on which Esri should focus some of its resources in the future. UAV/drones are a huge developing market and, although flying a drone privately is not yet allowed in the USA, it’s necessary to be ready for whatever may happen. This involves a lot of research and development. I have to be aware of what’s out there and figure out how Esri can implement all the applications within its existing software.

This main project used to overlap with activities focused more on marketing, such as promoting new products or setting up demonstrations. Lately I’ve been working on a project where my department is trying to promote an online template called GeoForm, a non-map-centric approach to adding data into a map.

Besides all that, every member of the DRP department must be always alert. When a disaster occurs, the entire department focuses all the resources on supporting the disaster response activities (creating ArcGIS online organizational accounts, dashboard support, etc.).

Greetings From_02Social Events

The work environment is great. There are many young people and it’s very easy to hang out with everyone. I have a very nice group of friends and we have travelled quite a lot: we’ve camped in Joshua Tree National Park, surfed at San Onofre beach, visited San Diego, celebrated Thanksgiving in San Francisco visiting old ITC friends, and more. Besides all these trips we are always doing things in Redlands. Local breweries are pretty popular here and skateboarding is just part of the culture − plus the weather is awesome so you can always be outside.


This internship has been a great opportunity. I am learning tons of things, and not only technical stuff. I am also learning a lot about how the private sector works. Redlands is a great place, a small city but with a big young community and a lot of people sharing the same passion for GIS and remote sensing. From my experience so far, I would like to highlight the fact that everyone takes my opinions very seriously. Although I’m an intern, ITC students are highly valued here and our opinion counts.


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  1. Petra Budde

    Hoi Jorien,

    wil je even replyen als je hiervan (je wordpress alumni blog) een mailtje krijgt, nl. dat iemand (ik) een comment heeft achtergelaten?
    Er zou volgens mij wel een mail moeten worden verstuurd, maar ik vraag me af of het inderdaad gebeurt ...

    Thanks, Petra.
    Ik mail je zo direct ook even apart, dan kun je in het gaten houden...

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